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About me

Sepid Ghaemi was born in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran. She pursued her education in Cinema and Dramatic Literature at Tehran University of Arts. Upon completing her studies, she embarked on a filmmaking career, initially focusing on creating short films and achieved success at international festivals. However, Ghaemi's journey took a new direction in recent years as she shifted her focus to collective documentary filmmaking. Embracing the principles of Third Cinema, she became deeply involved in political film theory. As a passionate advocate for this cinema, Ghaemi dedicated herself to translating manifestos from New Latin American cinema into Persian. Furthermore, her interests and expertise extend to feminist theories within the cinematic landscape. She actively engages with these topics, weaving them into her filmmaking and scholarly pursuits. Through her multifaceted exploration of cinema, Ghaemi, with a critical attitude, seeks to challenge conventions and advocate for marginalized and underrepresented voices in the medium.

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